The wise heart

So I’ve noticed something that has been incredibly helpful….

Sometimes as we work through different emotions (meaning staying present and openly and directly experiencing whatever comes up) we can find ourselves in a place where we aren’t sure what we are feeling.  It may be experienced as numbness or confusion or just a sense of being disconnected and disoriented.  This is where many people start to come ‘out of inquiry’… because the regular reference point of mind (as the ‘knower’) is no longer able to discern what is going on, freaks out and tries to run like hell.  But here’s what I say:

Stay there.


Just stay open and curious.

What you’re experiencing doesn’t need a name,

it doesn’t need to be classified

it doesn’t need to be attached to a certain memory

or even understood.

It just needs to be experienced with the company of your full attention.

So breathe.

Your job is to notice as much as you can, as fully as you can, without armour.

Naked and fearless

don’t bring in anything but you.

Open yourself to whatever is here and gently ask

and what is this?

Whether you suddenly fall out of this numb confusion

onto the sharp point of  a memory

or not

doesn’t matter.

All that’s needed is the unwavering presence of your wise heart

which can only be where you are


So much love and blessings today, L.

Click here to read ‘Loneliness as the Supreme Teacher’ (by Kamia Shepherd)

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