Welcome. I am so happy to meet you here. It is my joy to support others to discover their own resources to heal and live a fully-embodied life through clinical hypnosis and the cultivation of deep mindful awareness.

Private Sessions

Supporting you in discovering your own wisdom

In private sessions, you will be given a conscious and deeply supportive space to turn your attention inwards so you can find your own innate awareness and wisdom. You will be supported to use these resources to bring profound clarity and freedom to areas of your life where you have experienced physical, emotional, mental or situational limitation.

The only thing needed for this work to be effective is a readiness to take a good honest look at whatever seems to be holding you back. In the willingness to stay present and tell the truth about what is arising, it is possible to clearly see (and let go of) your own patterns that are keeping you ‘stuck’.

Truly these sessions are about supporting you from wherever you find yourself to be. We will use a mix of modalities including mindfulness coaching, meditation, and hypnotherapy to allow you to discover your own ability to heal, as well as your own capacity for clarity, peace and freedom.

Some common topics include:

• anxiety, stress and depression
• wanting to feel more fully embodied/happy/present
• recognizing and releasing fear
•finding peace in unresolved issues with others alive or who have passed
• truth and integrity in relationships
• conscious parenting
• discovering unconditional self love
• being fully at peace with your
• releasing addictions
• trusting yourself in decision-making/life purpose
• chronic pain/illness
•discovering the truth of yourself beyond your egoic identity

Courses & Events

Laura teaches the following mindfulness courses/retreats in and around Golden BC:

~Awakening Presence and Peace (level 1 and level 2, co-led with yoga teacher Dalia Yanai)

~Awakening the Fearless Heart (5- week course open to the public)

~Mindfulness for Physicians (6-week course with a focus on managing burnout/compassion fatigue)

~Mindful Parenting (6 week course)

~Mindfulness Meditation for Everyday Life (5 week course in Golden, BC)

~Awakening Joy – Day-retreat at Radium Hot Springs

~Awakening Self-Compassion (6 week course in Golden BC)

~Pathways to Peace (6 week course in Golden BC)

To schedule a retreat/workshop or a custom course, please email Laura at oneawakeningheart@gmail.com