The Hermit Thrush

The love that you are

is already holding you

You don’t need to go anywhere

or try to think a certain way

or not think a certain way….

It is already holding you

And knows you intimately

Every thought, every wish, every trick

This love

radiant and aware

is flowing towards you from all seeming directions

but truly from the directionless

Finally there is a choice-less surrender

and the walls that never were tumble down

a great laugh bubbles up

And then the moment

of stunning

world-shattering realization

that This is coming from you.

Utter humility, grace and clarity

usher in the seeing

that you are this directionless source.




and Overflowing.

Everything melts

and everything dances

To the heart of this music

Recognizable yet unknowable

Dancing within your every thought

in each sweet breath

in the ache of your heart

and in the snort of your freest laughter.


are sweeter

than the hermit thrush’s lullaby

at dusk.



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