Laura has a deeply intuitive and warm openness that she brings to any situation and allows for clarity and wisdom to emerge. Her work is refreshing and personal. Through meeting with Laura I have found myself able to see things with much more humour and delight than ever before, and have loved every last moment of living and what it brings to me. This way of self-inquiry merges the most sacred spiritual technologies with a fresh and modern feel, and ultimately brings us into our true sense of being. It is applicable to anyone, is simple, and heartfelt. And through that simplicity, can be life-changing.Dr. Saskia Acton, MD - Golden BC Canada
Laura Shaw is a very gifted person and the world is better off for her sharing of these gifts — both in a one-on-one capacity and through speaking engagements. She is wholly dedicated to her own authentic awakening and so her ability to support others in this process comes from deeply living it; she knows whereof she speaks. Laura is one of the most articulate (and enthusiastic! and warm!) people I know. This, along with her high conceptual intelligence and sincere personability, allows her to connect with others, meet them where they are, and take them deeper in their experience of an expanded consciousness. I am honoured to call Laura a personal friend as well as a professional colleague.Dr. Kathryn Jefferies, Ph.D., Author of Awake:Enlightenment for Education
Laura holds space with a wide open heart, and an innate ability to intuitively tune in. she was able to intuit deeply held emotions and blockages that have kept me stuck. with her guiding presence i felt completely safe and able to dive deeply into myself, and to feel old (and often uncomfortable) emotions, patterns and beliefs. by just being presence, laura created a space for me to in turn be fully present with my own discomfort. to actually meet it. and that is no small thing! i feel that this kind of support is such an important part of the healing path. i am truly grateful for the profound gifts laura is sharing and feel so very blessed to have been supported by her in this way.

A.W. - Nelson BC, Canada
Laura Shaw is the real deal. Authentic, intuitive, compassionate, a natural-born teacher and leader, mother, wife, loyal friend and most of all: a beautiful human being with a innate gift for healing. Her years of delving deep into her own soul by examining and celebrating its findings with all its complexities of darkness and light, have lead her onto the path of self-inquiry, meditation and self-awareness. She now shares her knowledge and experiences with others, with the intention of deep healing. Through her writings, teachings and private sessions, she has encouraged me to come “home” to my natural state of presence. In times of anxiety and worry (which seem to be a lot in this day and age!), her words, practices and insights have helped me immensely. She offers practical tools that I can now use on my own and this guidance has been invaluable. Laura helps me to live more consciously and through her teachings and particularly through her strong sense of intuition, which in turn, helps me to gain a clearer understanding of myself. Any time spent with Laura is a gift and a blessing.Sarah Calvert - Nelson BC, Canada
Laura Shaw’s compassion and startling intuition make her a natural guide in matters of finding purpose, truth, and self-discovery. Her deep understanding of living consciously, and the inherent wisdom that comes with awakening, make her one of the great, authentic teachers of our time. Her guidance has been one of the most important gifts in my life.Hemsa Nosh, Vancouver BC Canada
I have issues related to anxiety. Practising self-inquiry with Laura is really helpful to acknowledge the ways I can get stuck in my head as a result of my anxiety. I’m learning these thoughts and feelings just need to be acknowledged without judgment. Taking care of them in a loving way, through self-inquiry, has been so helpful to staying relaxed and present in my life. I’m so grateful to Laura for the work she does.S.W. - Golden BC, Canada