Conscious Parenting – The Work (with Dr. Kathryn Jefferies)

Hello friends,

Well, today’s webinar turned into a lesson of patience and surrender ;).  Kathryn Jefferies and I had to just laugh because it seems that the technological gods are just not often on our side!!  So we apologize again for not being able to host live today and give you the opportunity to be facilitated through The Work.  We are working on finding the perfect webinar platform so we can offer this (glitch free) in the near future!  Thank you for your patience and understanding – we were looking forward to connecting (and reconnecting with you all).

We went ahead with an interview where Kathryn describes the work and how it can be applied in a parenting context.  She facilitated me around the issue of feeling shame after ‘losing my cool’ with my kids.  This Work is so profound – in today’s case, it truly gave me the chance to go back into a difficult moment and experience it in a completely different way.

Unfortunately a delay can be heard in my voice from about halfway through (sorry!!) – (isn’t that ridiculous though?? must be mercury retrograde starting early…!)  Despite the delay, I think this one may help other parents consider staying open to different perspectives that may be helpful (and liberating).

Here’s the recording (it starts 25 seconds in):

Kathryn is available for counselling, which I highly recommend – you can find her here.

All the best to you – we hope the next one is live where we can really meet and interact with you!

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