Nurturing self-understanding in our children – interview with Dr. Kathryn Jefferies

Hello friends,

To all you parents and/or educators out there… today I have the honour of sharing a conversation with you that I had with Dr. Kathryn Jefferies (certified facilitator for the Work of Byron Katie and author of ‘Awake – Education for Enlightenment’).  As a parent and educator, I often have the desire to raise my children and teach in a way that encourages self-awareness.  In this conversation, Kath asks us to look at that very desire and gives a profound perspective on the most authentic way this can actually ever be carried out.  I know you’ll enjoy it… unfortunately, the video got cut off, but the conversation continues in the audio link below.

We would both love to hear your feedback and if this resonated so please leave a comment or question that we can bring some attention to.  I highly recommend a visit to Kathryn’s website to find out more about her book, her counselling, educational consulting, etc.

interview continued – Dr. Kath Jefferies

Thank you for listening – and as always, I’m holding the space for each of us to live and act from our deepest truth.



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