This is meditation

When you can sit quietly

just notice

the mental chatter

the emotional pulls

the impulses to react

the heart beating in your chest

and the alert presence

that is noticing.

At this point, the work of the mind is done.

It has carried you as far as it can.

So gently lay down your sutras, saints and spiritual goals

on this divine shore

and dive into whatever this alertness is

give it all your attention

sense into it

Is it small? Vast?

Over there or right here?

Ceiling and walls or open space?

Chaotic or Peaceful?

Noisy or Silent?

Distracted or aware?

Is there a narrator in there?

Sense into this space often.

When the mind gets impatient (and it will)

notice that too

and then keep sensing into this space…

this is meditation.

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