The Humble Host

This morning it was my great joy to host Satsang.

Now, just so we’re clear… that doesn’t for a second mean that I am pretending to be some enlightened guru that has a ‘teaching’ to share – or that I think I might be any more awake than anyone else…. No. In fact, hosting satsang brought in a huge sense of humility and vulnerability because to do this with integrity, I had to fully let go of the ego’s tendencies and desires to have ‘plans’ and ‘processes’ to use as a foundation and structure…. I had to surrender all foundation and struture and commit to just openly being there. I’m clear that in truth, if we are trying to bring something to the table in Satsang, (in terms of driving concepts, philosophies or understandings) we are not in Satsang – we might be having a beautiful philosophical discussion, but that is something different.  Although, paradoxically, all of those things may (and are welcome to) arise spontaneously within Satsang.

So this morning was a vibrant experience of being together.  Stories, insights and questions were shared, technological glitches were attended to (btw, sorry if you were looking for the event, we had problems with google hangouts on air….).  The resonance of what brought us together was …. ahhhh… can’t even put words to it…. it was deep and thick and light and lovely…..and full of love and support that is still alive right now.

I love watching the beauty and joy that quietly erupts when we tell or hear the truth.  

So today was beautiful and I am very grateful.  Thank you to those of you who joined. It deepened my awareness of my love of the truth – and I do feel called to keep bringing people together to share this kind of support and celebration…. it is such a sweet mystery and delight to witness what moves through us when we come together in this way.

May all who are reading share in this peace xx


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