I am Quiet

There is such a hush over everything – even this writing voice is quiet these days.

I could say it is a result of meeting Gangaji again and that the resonance of our wakeful and joyful moment together is what is inviting this quiet to keep rolling in – but even that isn’t the truth.

The truth is that I am quiet.

And in this quietness, there is resolution (without needing to figure anything out) and peace.  The kind of peace that is only found when the ‘search for peace’ is stopped.  For a long time, there was an ambitious Laura Shaw that didn’t want to stop – I was afraid that by ‘stopping’ I was giving up – and that I would miss something crucial.  Or on the other end of things, I was ‘trying’ to stop…. which was just another one of Laura Shaw’s efforts.

But something has stopped (for now anyway) – the trying, the wanting to get somewhere…. Now I am in what’s left when the searching simply stops.  There is nothing secret or cryptic about it.  If you were willing to give up the search (even for a moment), what is left?  What is here?

That fullness… that emptiness….. it is yours – it is you.

Are you willing to stay here?

I told Gangaji that I see the identity – I see how I am not that, but sometimes I still try it on for fun… and other times my attention can still fall into it (believing it to be real….)but not for long.  She said, yes, and it’s ok to wander…but you know your way home.

I see how playing the part is a choice.  And what a delight it is to play it consciously – but at a certain point, even to play it unconsciously is a choice.  How humbling.  How freeing. <3

Raven and I held Satsang this morning (which you can see Here) – and we are both feeling called to create a space where we can open it up for you to join in.  I will post an invitation as soon as we get a time/date sorted.

A deep bow to your own awareness of the truth of who you are.

xx L


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