Sleeping Dog Farm – Gangaji Retreat

Needless to say, meeting Gangaji again was exquisite.  All I really wanted to do was take the opportunity to hold her hand and thank her deeply for what she’s devoted her life to, and for how much her support and love has meant to me.  I got to do that – as soon as I sat next to her I was weeping – and laughing.  I said “I’m so happy” she smiled and said “yes you are….”  we had a beautiful exchange and wow – the peace of truth that emanates from her is powerful and contagious.

Sleeping Dog farm was a powerfully heart-opening space too.  Every fence, every vegetable growing in the farm, every chicken, every building, every nook of solace and every garden is being tended to with such love – just being there was a deep retreat in itself.  Leanne who started the centre and all the other people who live and work there glow with the radiance of a truly meaningful and satisfying life…. ahhh!!  So inspiring!!!

And the other participants… I met and connected with people that are living their lives in such soulful and deliberate ways.  They are offering astounding gifts of beauty, healing, inspiration and support to the world in ways that opened my eyes to what is possible.  They all have inspired a deep reminder within myself – to bring forth the deepest gifts (love) within me out into the world – to serve, heal, inspire.  To be here fully – available to respond to life with my full presence.

So I am humbled and grateful – and yes, inspired.

So much love,

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