Interview with Dr. Kathryn Jefferies – author of Awake: Education for Enlightenment

I’m so excited to share this post!  I just had the great joy of speaking with Dr. Kathryn Jefferies about her book (which launches today!) Awake: Education for Enlightenment.  In this interview Kathryn openly shares her personal and academic journey of awakening – and her insights on what it all means for how we educate and parent our children.  Kath has been a long-time personal friend (which you will hear in our giggling start) and I think you will find that her authenticity, warmth and human-ness – as well as the incredible work she is undertaking serves well in pointing us all to a greater truth and a greater way of being.  We would both love to open up the dialogue and hear your feedback and comments from this interview.

Listen here: Interview with Kath

Buy Kathryn Jefferies’ book here:

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  1. You’re doing great work Laura

    Great interview

    I will continue to follow your blog

    Love Unc

  2. “You do teach ‘who you are’, so cultivating your own presence… and that’s not something you can pretend into… that’s something that arises out of Self inquiry… that’s REALLY influential, so if that’s all you give that’s really profound.” – Kathryn Jefferies


    Here’s a tweet from the Dalai Lama.


  3. This is beautiful to listen to… presence arising out of presence. Thank you. And yes “you do teach who you are” such an important reminder in each moment of being present with our little ones and others… Thank you. Namaste. Mahalo.

    1. Post

      Thank you Katherine!! Yes – I’m realizing that being present – as you say- is actually the only thing we need to do…. it often comes to me when a heart-wrenching tantrum (or 2 or 3) is unfolding – or even just behaviour that is challenging on the emotional/parenting level (which as you know runs deeeeeeeep) – arriving at any perceived ‘outcome’ (in that moment) is actually irrelevant. So that frees up attention from thinking about how to ‘change’ or ‘fix’ the behaviour to just being fully there – fully open – trusting that that openness will embrace and release things on the deepest level. As hard as that is. I’ve witnessed you doing this many times <3

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